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A Closer Look

A Show that takes "A Closer Look" at Bible verses the LDS church uses to support it's teachings.


Part 1--Has the Bible really been corrupted?  The painting of an ugly picture.


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Episode #1--"Well, that's just your interpretation.".... Not really. 

Episode #2--Does the Bible predict the Apostasy? 

This tract goes with this episode:   Does the Bible really predict the great apostasy? Click here to download

Episode #3--Three Biblical Criteria for testing the "Prophet Joseph Smith." 

                      By Rob Sivulka, President of Courageous Christians United

Episode #4--1st Corinthians 8:5 A Simple example of a bad interpretation.

Episode #5 Did Ezekiel predict the uniting of the Bible and the Book of Mormon? 

Free Downloadable and Printable Tracts

1.  Has the Bible really been corrupted? Click here to download

2.  Does the Bible really predict the great apostasy? Click here to download

3.  Was authority really lost because of the great apostasy? Click here to download

4.  Do we really need Living Apostles? Click here to download

5.  Is your spiritual bag of possessions full or empty? Click here to download

6.  Have you really repented?  Click here to download

7.  A tale of two parables?  Click here to download

8.  Is God a Racist?  Click here to download

9.  Why do Christians attack Challenge Mormons?  Click here to download

Free Booklets to read

Is God a Racist?  Young Latter-day Saints may not know about this part of LDS history.  The church taught in the past, as official doctrine, that performance in the pre-existence determined the conditions of your birth on earth.  Simply put, if you performed well in the pre-existence, you would be born white and in an LDS family; if you performed poorly, you would be born black and in less favorable conditions. Read this booklet of mine (Pastor James Hazelton) and contact me for further discussion.  Click here to download booklet.

Am I a God in Embryo?  Does the Bible really teach that men, if they are worthy, can be exalted to godhood?  Click here to download booklet

More Free Videos to watch

Is the Book of Abraham Legitimate scripture?  Watch The Lost Book of Abraham and make an informed decision.   External Link: Click here to watch

When it comes to Archaeology, are the Bible and the Book of Mormon really comparable?  Watch The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon and make an informed decision. External Link:  Click here to watch

Free Audio messages to listen to

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Does Ezekiel 37:15-17 Really prophecy of the Bible and the Book of Mormon?  On many occasions, my LDS friends have said "The Bible speaks of the Book of Mormon" and they site this passage.  A simple examination of the context reveals that Ezekiel really wasn't speaking of the the Book of Mormon, or the Bible. Listen the the Audio message below and contact me (Pastor James Hazelton) for personal discussion. 

My Recording

Does the Bible really predict an apostasy as described by the LDS Church?  This audio message is a friendly debate between me (Pastor James Hazelton) and a local faithful Latter-day Saint, Dr. Paul Harmer, who happens to be a great guy.  It was recorded at Dixie State University during the Reasonable Questions Conference. This audio has two parts. Listen to the debate and contact me for personal discussion.  

Part #1   First 30 minutes is the LDS position; second 30 minutes is the Evangelical Christian position. 

My Recording

Part #2   Format:  20 minutes Paul, 20 minutes James, 10 minutes Paul and 10 minutes James.  Note: The subject of the Bible being corrupted was brought up and I (Pastor James) chose to only address that briefly as the subject was "Does the Bible predict the apostasy."  For further discussion on the alleged corruption of the Bible feel free to call me (Pastor James) at (435) 592-2605.   

My Recording

Can Men really become Gods?  Thirty years ago I read a sermon by Joseph Smith in which he claimed we have to learn how to become gods just as all other gods have done before us. This is actually the issue that kept me from joining the LDS church 30 years ago.  Listen to the audio message below from The Reasonable Questions Conference and contact me for further discussion.  

My Recording

Are the "Other Sheep" in John 10:16 really Book of Mormon people?  As evidence to support LDS beliefs, John 10:16 is often cited as proof the Bible backs the story of the Book of Mormon. I (Pastor James Hazelton) examined the context of this passage at The Reasonable Questions Conference held at Dixie State University. Listen to the audio message below and contact me for further discussion.    

My Recording

Where did we come from?  Why are we Here? Where are we going?  Latter-day Saints and Evangelical Christians answer these important questions very differently.  This audio message is not intended to defend a position, but rather simply explain that the positions are different between Evangelical Christians and Latter-day Saints.  Listen to the message below and follow along with the PDF chart provided to the right.  >>>  

My Recording

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