10% of the funds that come into The Narrows Church through goes right back out the door for missions.  Above that we involve ourselves with two important Local missions:  Hope Pregnancy Care Center and Colorado City.

Colorado City Polygamist Community

     Being the hands and feet of Jesus is an honor.  The polygamist community of Colorado City has been going through some changes. The Government has been justifiably clamping down on some of the illegal activity that has been going on for years.  An unfortunate consequence is the people often are short on food, and that is where we step in.

     Pastor Brian Mackert and his wife have opened up Short Creek Family Services, and twice a month we join them to help with food distribution to people in need.  Some of the folks are still active FLDS, and some have found their way out, but both are in need.

     Our hope and prayer is that by helping with basic needs, doors will open for the new Church plant, Short Creek Fellowship,  to be able to share the gospel to people who have learned to trust them.  

     The news portrays the FLDS community as a culture of rape, child brides, perverted old men, and many other crimes.  All of this is justifiable.  However, many of them are simple and normal people. Jesus loves the good and the bad, and they are redeemable.  

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